Chiyoda Ward Childcare Facility, Tokyo Belinda Nursery School

Reception time:Weekday 9:00 ~ 17:00
A childcare with a touch of a mother’s hand
We will take care of the children on behalf of parents to help families live happily and without worries.


  1. Experience close interaction while spending a relaxing time
    An experienced nursery teacher and a practiced nurse will devotedly attend to the children’s daily needs and will provide appropriate play in a child-friendly environment.
  2. Fulfilling activities that will prepare the children to kindergarten entrance examinations
    We partnered with professional lecturers in music, gymnastics, art, English, and more to extend a service that would help the children bring out their potential skills while happily playing.
  3. Motherly approach. Lessening mothers’ burdens on babies’ basic needs.
    One of the goals is to lessen the burdens on mothers. We will provide children’s basic needs such as diapers, apron for meals, sheets for nap, and so on, including disposal of trashes.
  4. Meals are carefully cooked, guaranteed safe and selected from domestic production.
    The baby’s food is produced by “Baby Orgente” with ingredients coming from Beans Inc. We will prepare infant food with parent’s consent depending on the growth of the children.
    • Rice is ordered from the reliable and contracted farmers that surely offer fresh cooked rice.
    • Milk, tea, meal, and water are naturally fresh and from pure resources.
    • Please coordinate with us if your child has food allergy and other food restrictions.
  5. Reservation and schedule change can be done on the mobile application
    Childcare reservation and sudden change of schedule are only one tap away!
    We value communication with the parents daily and the mobile application makes it even easier and more convenient.
  6. Dropping off and picking up children
    A parking space is provided to make dropping off and picking up of children easy and convenient.

Daily Schedule

7:30 ~ Going to nursery school, walking, and playing indoor activities
11:30 ~ Lunch
12:30 ~ Afternoon nap
15:00 ~ Eating snacks,
walking, and play indoor activities
18:00~ Dinner
~19:00 Going home
Monday: Rhythmic Class | Wednesday: English Class | Thursday: Art Class | Friday: Gymnastic Class

Childcare Plan

“Temporary child care services” and “Monthly childcare services” are offered.
Kindly select the childcare plan you want according to your convenience.


We will keep the child according to parent’s schedule.
Please also use this plan when you want to apply again.


Monthly plan option gives parents a more flexible time.

Age bracket/ Schedule

Age bracket From 0-3 months~2 years old
  • until April 2nd, 2016
Schedule From Monday to Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Except for: Sundays, Public holidays, year-end schedules, and New year

Things to bring

Comfortable dress 1 to 2 sets
Bath towel for nap 1 set
Outdoor outfits for outdoor activities 1 set
Sports shoes and socks 1 set

Cancellation/Schedule change

For cancellation and schedule change, please contact us the day before your preferred schedule before 5 p.m.

Reservation Method

Reception time: Weekdays 9:00 – 17:00
  • Kindly make a reservation through phone calls.
  • We only accept reservation through phone calls.
  • Reservation is accepted with mobile application upon entering the childcare vicinity.
If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us.