Chiyoda Ward Childcare Facility, Tokyo Belinda Nursery School

Reception time:Weekday 9:00 ~ 17:00
Getting-to-know the Staff
Rika Sunada
Nursery School Head Teacher
Born in America and raised in Tokyo
Spent 12 years at Futaba School
Graduated in Tamagawa University from Education Department.
Worked as Flight Attendant at Japan Airlines Corporation.
After retirement, she worked for a Nursery School.
A mother of a boy and a girl.
“Because it is once in a lifetime, we will carefully care for mothers and children”.
Fumi Inoue
Nursery School Teacher
Spent 12 years at Sacred Heart School
Graduated from Sacred Heart School
Acquired Childcare Professional qualification and Kindergarten teacher’s License.
Worked in the Nursery School.
A mother of a girl.
“I cherish the personality of every person. I will help you learn what is necessary for life and guide you on Kindergarten Examination and Entry preparation. I would be willing to answer your questions anytime.”