Respect Shines of Each Child


For the prevention of COVID-19 infection

July 1,2020

We will take the following preventive measures against the new coronavirus infection and provide childcare with a new lifestyle while facing the "with corona" era.

①<On your arrival and departure from school>
②< Measures to be taken in the nursery>
③<nap and walk>
The above matters are described in the "Basic Policy on Countermeasures against Infectious Diseases of the New Coronavirus" of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. We will take action based on this. We will make every effort to respond to changes as they occur.

④<Suddenly extended hours of childcare>
Children aged 0~2 years old may not be able to keep up with the sudden changes in their environment, both physically and mentally.
Please let us know your child's contact information for the day, as there are many cases of sudden fever. Please let us know your contact information on the day, and we will take things one day at a time with great care.

⑤<Nursery Environment>
We will communicate with parents and guardians to let them know how their children are doing and share information about the childcare environment with the school.
We will provide a childcare environment where parents can communicate with their children, understand the school, and participate in events online.

⑥<Health and Hygiene>
Our doctors and nurses will make efforts to deepen the knowledge of staff members on how to safely spend time indoors and outdoors while preparing the environment.

⑦<Consultation Desk>
We would be happy to answer any questions you may have about your future work style, changes in your family's circumstances, and child-rearing, etc. The director of each facility and the nursery staff member in charge of the childcare facility will make time for you to consult with them as soon as possible. (You can also go online). Let us not allow ourselves to be distracted by the lifting of the self-imposed restrictions, but let us protect our children firmly.

Director Rika Sunada

What is true
“Good Nursing”

We, Belinda Nursery School aim
to be one that thinks children the most.

We support your child
to be independent

at their own pace,
time and by their own way.

From 0 through 2 years old,

hey grow up by what is invisible to the eyes.

For example,

the delight of being accepted by others,

the happiness of being loved at all time
and the trust in their parents.

We tell them
“We all love you. Thank you for being born.”
with their family.

And our hope is to be the best supporters
of parents
raising children who creates great future.

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We opened our day-care center in quiet residential area near the imperial palace in May 2018. Basing on our motto, “Being there for mothers”,

we do polite and detailed nursing. Moreover, we are non-registered day-care facility, that is why we can such better nursing. For example, deliberate selection of staff assignment and children’s meals.


To make children relaxed like they were at home,

we speak to them with smile and kind words. We also care for nursing room. We use many nature materials and bright colors there.

Activity for body and mind growth

Special lecturers come to our center everyday and they teach Eurythmic, To help their growth effectively, we change activities according to their age.EurythmicLanguageEnglishArtExercise

Using trustworthy food that children eat

We make school meals using domestic trustworthy ingredients. You can also choose “Baby Orgente” as weaning food. We offer meals suitable for each child after consulting about shape and contents with parents.

What you need to bring
are clothes and towels

To reduce parents’ load, we prepare diapers, aprons for meal and sheets used when children taking a nap. We can dispose of diapers too.

Health management necessary for infants

By cooperating with “Hannzoumon Nobisuko Kodomo Clinic”, we grasp the states of your children’s health. And in addition, nurses visit our center twice a week.

Dedicated application for contact
with us quickly

You can watch parent-teacher notebook, send notice of absence or being late and make a reservation. You can share the account with your family.

Picking up and Dropping off
without Getting off your car

On rainy days or when you are busy, you can use a parking space dedicated to Belinda. It makes picking up and dropping off easier like drive-through style.

We will take care of
our precious child.

The director of a nursery school teacher

Rika Sunada

Rika Sunada

The director of a nursery school teacher

I used to go to Futaba school for 12 years.

After I graduated from that school,

I went to Seishin girls college

and my major was English.

Also, I graduated from Tamagawa university.

I finished to learn about Education.

I used to work as a cabin attendant.

I really like Sadou, traveling and watching baseball.

I am doing my best to make children’s second home.

Our place should be

all children feel happiness.


Chief nursery school teacher

Akari Minokawa

Akari Minokawa

Chief nursery school teacher

I used to work at two nursery school.

First is in Itabashi-ku for five years.

Second is in Minato- ku for nine years.

I worked as a chief for seven years in my nursery life.

In my free time,
I enjoy cooking and making accessories.

If children try something,

I am so happy to help them.

I make children feel free to

challenge anything.


Nursery school teacher

Fumi Inoue

Fumi Inoue

Nursery school teacher

I used to go Seishin girls school for 12 years.

I have two licenses that working

as a nursery school teacher and kindergarten teacher.

I used to work at Minami Aoyama nursery school.


I love eating.

I try to be children’s

comfortable place

with song.

When I sing with children,

my feel is so relaxing.

I can also support children’s future plan.

Please feel free to ask me about it.


Nursery school teacher



Nursery school teacher

I graduated Seishin girls university.

I used to work at kindergarten it is in Meguro-Ku.

worked there for 11 years.

All years I was a homeroom teacher.

In my free time,

I read books or go to aquarium with my son.

I am just trying to make children feel enjoy to come here.

End of the day all children say

“I had a really good day!”.

I am also
really good at making something.

I can’t wait to teach making.

《Monthly plan》
80 hours ¥100,000
(Tax included)
  •   <Breakdown>
  • ・Basic Fee.
  • ・Lunch ,Snacks and Activity,etc.
  •   <separate fee>
  • ・Admission fee  ¥55,000
  • ・Additional fee  ¥600 / 30min
  • ・Dinner fee   ¥1,100 / one meal
0 years old 1 years old 2 years old
1 hour ¥2,500 ¥2,300 ¥2,000
(Tax included)
  • ・Admission fee ¥15,000
  • ・Less than 3 hours Lunch ¥800 Snack ¥200
Belinda nursery school is
really welcome new face
for next year.

Class Rainbow(before 1 year old) Birthday is after April 2nd in 2019 Class Moon (1 year old)Birthday is between April 1st in 2019 to April 2nd in 2018
Class Sky(2 years old) Birthday is between April 1st in 2018 to April 2nd in 2017
Capacity:1Each class should be 15
Orientation:November 24th (in 2019)
From 16:00 to 17:00